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Dr. Brabo and Dr. Yohn have been guests on the popular national radio program “Living Successfully” (, exploring the topics of parenting, intimate relationships and opening to change.

The hour-long interviews are $15.95 each.


Intimate Relationships


Guided Self-Hypnosis

These self-hypnosis recordings use the technique of progressive relaxation to guide you to a deep meditative state conducive to healing and growth.

The CDs are easy to use. Just find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for approximately thirty minutes. At any point you are free to open your eyes, and you will immediately end the experience.  At the completion of each CD you can emerge from the self-hypnosis or drift into sleep.

Enjoy, and live well!

The CDs are $15.95 each.

Adventures for the Body and Soul

Grab your traveling bags as you set out on adventures around the globe, and beyond.  Use these rich experiences to help you grow.

  • The Sacred Mountain: Integrating Your Past and Moving Forward
  • The Great Wall of China: Opening to Your Spiritual Connection
  • A Path of Light:  Receiving a Gift From Your Spirit Guides and Teachers
  • An Ocean of Wellness:  Clearing Your Path to Health
  • A London Museum:  Changing Your Frame of Reference From Limitation to Wholeness
There’s No Place Like Home

Grief is many layered for those who have lost a loved one.  Equally layered are our feelings if we are in the process of losing someone close to us or are on the verge of transitioning Home ourselves.  All that you need is Grief Counseling, which will help in achieving peace of mind. These meditations are designed to reframe and ease the experience.

  • The Loss of a Loved One:  Softening the Grief and Celebrating the Transition Home.

  • Helping a Loved One Home:  Easing the Transition for Your Loved One and Yourself
  • The Journey Home:  Easing the Transition from the Physical World to Life in Spirit
It’s a Family Affair

Parenting is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences that exist on this planet.  Likewise, our children’s lives of growing up and maturing in today’s world are equally challenging and rewarding.  Use these meditations to reduce the challenge and increase the reward.

  • Parents of Teenagers:  Release Your Stress and Reconnect with Your Strength and Joy as a Parent

  • Kids of Parents:  Release Your Stress and Gain Balance and Strength in Your Emerging Life

Feeling Good is Feeling Good

This way to a better feeling life.
  • Releasing Stress the Easy Way

  • Relax, Feel Good, Sleep Well:  Take a Mental Vacation by Enhancing Your Relaxation and Improving the Quality of Your Sleep

  • Humor is Life's Best Friend: Brighten From the Inside Out
  • No More Waiting on Weight Loss:  Weight weighing you down?  Lighten and Brighten
  • No More Waiting on Weight Loss: Maintain Your Lightening and Brightening
  • No More Smoking:  Breathe Easy with Less Smoke and More Life
  • No More Smoking Reaffirmed: Breathing Stronger and Living Longer
Purchase all 17 self-hypnosis CDs for $199 (regularly $271)

Audio-Recorded Papers

7 Critical Mistakes…and How to Avoid Them

Pick up some helpful hints about life and love in these audio recordings.  These are not meditations, so can be listened to with eyes wide open and conscious mind engaged.

  • 7 Critical Mistakes People Commonly Make While Living in the Physical World…and How to Avoid Them

  • 7 Critical Mistakes People Commonly Make as Physical Beings in Intimate Relationships…and How to Avoid Them

* There are no refunds. Damaged CDs are rare, and will be exchanged if this should happen.  
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