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George Anderson and Andrew Barone
John Edward
Masaru Emoto and David Thayne
Andrew Harvey
  • The Direct Path :Spiritual Books Creating a Personal Journey to the Divine Using the World's Spiritual Traditions
Carolyn Myss
Michael Newton
Daniel Siegel and Mary Hartzell
Huston Smith

Brian Weiss

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Holly Near
Thirty-five years of social change music.

Show Up: Holly Near's latest work
Holly Near sings her own work as well as songs by Jackson Browne, Jane Siberry, Laura Love, Cheryl Wheeler, and others. "I Am Willing" is a powerful hymn of hope and tradition.

I Am Willing
I am open and I am willing
For to be hopeless would seem so strange
It dishonors those who go before us
So lift me up to the light of change

There is hurting in my family
There is sorrow in my town
There is a panic all around the nation
There is wailing the whole world round

May the children see more clearly
May the elders be more wise
May the winds of change caress us
Even though it burns our eyes

Give me a might oak to hold my confusion
Give me a desert to hold my tears
Give me a sunset to hold my wonder
Give me an ocean to hold my tears

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