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Your Spiritual Home Field Advantage:
A Book About Life in the Physical World

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Your Spiritual Home Field Advantage:There Is More To Life Than Meets The Eye, The Physical Eye That Is

Your life circumstances can be viewed by more than your physical eye. See your life through a broader spiritual lens and it will make more sense than through a physical world lens. This broader view is your “Home Field Advantage” and applies to all of your experiences, whether you have a broken computer, parenting problems, or feelings of anxiety. The point here is that trying to understand and live life from a physical world perspective is much like trying to understand baseball by watching only the third baseman – you can’t see the whole picture, so you don’t really know what’s happening.

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Book Excerpt

Janet's Relationship Break Up

Janet and Derek had been married for 19 years when he told her he wanted a divorce. She couldn't believe her ears. "How did this happen?" she gasped. In shock, she thought through the last number of years. "It's true," she realized. "We haven't really connected lately, particularly since the kids became teenagers. We've disagreed so much about how to handle their rebelliousness, on top of the long hours we've both been working, our marriage has certainly been strained."

Janet fell into a deep depression. She felt like a failure. How could she carry on from here? A co-worker told her about a support group for women going through divorce. Out of pain and desperation, she tried it.

Through many months of talking with this small group of women, Janet began to understand more. She saw that her life had become stagnant. She had forgotten about growth, joy, and the wonders of breathing each breath. Janet now felt that her divorce had stunned her out of her stagnancy. She sees many challenges ahead, but she is thankful for the wakeup call.

Looking through a physical world lens, you may think your relationship broke up because you aren't lovable, or you aren't good enough. Or perhaps you feel the opposite, that it's actually your intimate partner that isn't good enough. Or it was just a matter of bad luck.

Broadening your perspective to a spiritual view, you may find that what needed to happen in the relationship did happen, so it is simply time to move on. Or you may see from the spiritual point of view that this situation wasn't the best for you.


Why did your relationship break up?
Example Physical World Perspectives Example Spiritual Perspectives
• bad luck • what was to occur in the relationship did occur, now it’s time to move on
• bad boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse • this was not the best situation for you
• you’re not lovable • you needed to create room for a new relationship
• you’re not good enough • it motivates you to develop and grow

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