You Are Everything!

There’s no such thing as a small, inconsequential life.

Do you ever wonder… 

…about the point of it all?  …if your life has any consequence?…if all of the pain and difficulty are really worth it?  Have you ever heard the song that goes, “You are everything, and everything is you?”  

In the larger scheme of things, you are everything and everything is you.  

 There’s no such thing as a small, inconsequential life, because we’re all connected.

Each life is of tremendous consequence to the individual and to all of existence.

Every thought you have and every action you take impacts everything else — everything that exists.  Every bit of your learning and development makes it easier for others to learn and develop.  Each act of kindness, each act of love, has an impact. It helps you and everyone else in the quest to learn, contribute, and evolve. 

Rosa’s Way 

Rosa, the new head waitress at Café Phoenix, wondered what the other staff had experienced before she was hired. “They’re all so jumpy and afraid,” she thought. “What happened?” 

One of the waitresses, Terry, finally confided in her. “The last head waitress watched us like a hawk, swooping down on us at every turn. It was like she expected we wouldn’t do our jobs!” 

Appalled, Rosa became even more conscious of treating the waitresses with respect. She coached them when needed, but in a way that helped them feel good about themselves and improve their skills. 

Rosa has had a positive effect on the entire staff at the Café. It has taken time — more than a year of building relationships and helping staff to feel their value.  

Waitresses and cooks alike smile now.  Their lives at work are good. Even better, they’ve experienced Rosa’s way of trust and respect, and it has changed them. They feel better inside — about themselves and the world.


Like Rosa, you have a purpose in being here. Each one of us does. There are the visible examples, like the famous missionary Mother Teresa, and there are the not-so-visible examples, like Rosa. 


You have a critical role to play. Sometimes it’s hard to know what that role is, because often you can only see one part of the picture, like third base. If you could see the whole picture, the whole ball game — if you could see life through a spiritual lens — you could better understand your critical role in the action.  

What may appear to you to be inconsequential may actually be of great significance! 

Alone Again 

Estranged from his biological family, Devon felt even more alone since he’d broken up with his partner. And on top of his relationship troubles, work was more stressful than ever. The daily routine of fighting the traffic, spending long days in his cubicle answering the telephone, then going home tired and frustrated was overwhelming. “What’s the point?” he wondered. 

Mike worked in a different department than Devon, but had run into him in the employee lounge a couple of times. He would have liked to get to know Devon, but felt he didn’t have the time to strike up much of a conversation.

On this particular Friday, however, Mike made a point to stop by Devon’s desk.  They spoke amicably and discovered they were actually from the same town and knew some of the same people. They also shared a similar hobby — genealogy.  

When Devon left the office that night, he felt lighter. He felt hopeful. On his way home he even stopped at his favorite book store to participate in a discussion group about a book he’d recently read. He hadn’t done that in a long time. It felt good.


Mike may never know the difference he made for Devon by simply stopping by his desk. Looking through your physical eyes, you just can’t see most of the impact of your actions. 

Our lives are connected, like drops of water in the ocean. We’re each here for our own journey, as well as the journeys of others. We’re all in  this together!

Expand or Contract?

Have you had any fun lately?  Have you laughed? Romanced? Played?

Life doesn’t need to be, nor should it be, all serious business.

Have you noticed, though, how many people are so serious all the time? It’s as though the stresses in their lives are pressing in on them from all sides, compacting them, making them denser, smaller, and harder to get “light” through.

Life in the physical world can do that to you.

Have you ever felt like you had to compact yourself, make yourself smaller, so that you could fit into a particular scenario? Like a job or a relationship?

Life in the physical world can do that to you, too.

But it doesn’t need to be that way. 

See the “Fast Moving Fog” story below, an excerpt from Your Spiritual Home Field Advantage:  A Book About Intimate Relationships.

Your Spiritual Home Field Advantage:  A Book About Intimate Relationships

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They had been dating for months, but things were only getting worse.

Arnold seemed like such a nice guy when Roxie met him. He was full of energy and fun at the summer softball games, so she found herself gravitating to him.

Then one day the whole team witnessed a bad car accident in front of the softball park. It traumatized her - so much so that even after getting home safe and sound, she called Arnold to talk. It was the first of many long talks that eventually led to dating.

“He’s so different now, though,” Roxie considered. “Once we started dating, he changed. He wanted me to be his ideal of a girlfriend - feminine, sexy, emotional, quiet. I’m none of these things, at least not to the extent that he wants. Though certainly I have tried, with heavier make-up, brighter lipstick, tighter clothes. But still, he’s continually getting angry with me for not having the right look and feel.”

Roxie felt like a failure.

Then a visit from her friend Molly turned her around. Mind you, Molly had been passed-on for some eight years at that point.


I was jogging on the beach. It was a bright, clear morning. My friend Molly was talking with me as I jogged and it seemed as natural as any conversation I’ve ever had.  She was telling me to not crunch myself down - that I needed to be as expansive as the

universe.  I needed to stop making myself smaller so that I could fit what Arnold or any one else wanted.

She said that kind of crunching would essentially be death to me.

At that moment massive amounts of fog came rolling in from the ocean, faster than I’d ever seen before.

It took me quite by surprise.

Molly told me to look around, then asked what I could see. The fog was so thick I could barely see anything except a few feet around me.

Then, just as suddenly and quickly, the fog rolled back out, and it was a bright, clear morning again. She then asked again what I could see. I could see everything, of course.

She told me to look all around at the sky and water and land. She then said that’s the difference between leading a life in which I make myself smaller than I am, and leading a full, expansive life, where I let myself be all I am.

She emphasized again that I should as expansive as the universe, and then she was gone. It took me a few minutes to realize what had occurred.

I couldn’t stop replaying the whole thing in my head. Had it even happened? It had. Other beach dwellers commented on the fast moving fog, though I’m quite sure no one was as astounded as me.

♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦

Don’t be smaller than you are. Don’t let life’s pressures compress you. Expand into the pressures. Expand into change.

Change makes room for new things. If a painting in your living room falls off its hook and breaks, then you’ve got a space for something new. If it hadn’t fallen, you wouldn’t have the space.

Change is opportunity. Expand into the opportunity.

Expand or contract? Expand or contract? That is the question you face on a moment by moment basis.

Expansion requires flow, movement, the letting loose of things you’ve clutched onto.

Sometimes it feels like you’re stepping out into thin air, but instead of falling to your death as you feared, you find a foundation that’s firmer still.  See Part 2 of the story below.


Roxie quit seeing Arnold. And it being winter, she didn’t see the softball crowd either. Then the next summer her job made it virtually impossible for her to play softball, so again, no Arnold and no softball gang. And she realized later, no temptation for her to be smaller than she is.

Roxie watched as other people, too, seemed to be taken out of her life, until it reached a point when she felt she didn’t have any friends at all. It looked on the outside like her life was getting smaller, like she was shrinking somehow, because there was so little “outside” activity.

Just the opposite was happening on the inside, though. With the freed-up time and space, the lack of outside distraction, the lack of outside temptation to be and do as others wanted or did, Roxie became more than what she was. She expanded on the inside, becoming more her true self.

“I’ve learned more about myself, and have let myself be more my self,” Roxie wrote in her journal. “If my whole, true self were like an entire house, with many rooms, it’s as though I had only been living in one of the rooms. Now, I occupy more of the house, more of myself. I am more my whole self.”

“I’ve learned so much in my expansion into more of who I am,” Roxie continued. “I’ve learned that I love to paint, watercolors mostly - it’s so fulfilling! And I’ve learned that certain geographies are calming, unifying to me, like the plains of Wyoming. And even just the image of trees in their splendor opens me, inspires me to be more!”

Becoming comfortable in her expanded and expanding insides, Roxie noticed her outside world began expanding as well. People came back in - some new and some not-so-new - but she engaged them differently than she had before. To her delight, Roxie felt like a new person living in an exciting new world.

♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦

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Remnants of emotional wounding holding you back? 

Ready to pull out all the stops?

What “stops” many survivors is inaccurate or incomplete information…about themselves…about the wounding. 

See Katelyn’s Clearing below showing how her discovery of the truth about herself allowed her to move forward.

Ready to “come clean” by letting the past clear?

You are not your wound.  There is so much more to you than your wound.  Don’t let it become your identity.  Instead, obtain the professional help you need to work through it.  Then release it, so that you can move forward and be all that you are.

Katelyn’s Clearing   

Abused as a child, Katelyn had spent most of her life feeling “less than” those around her.  She’d made significant strides in therapy, but still, years later, it continued to be a stumbling block for her. 

Frustrated by the whole thing, she knew she was equal to others, but somehow that knowledge didn’t connect all the way through.  She still felt “less than.”

Then one morning after writing about it in her journal, she read back through her notes.  To her surprise she found she was reading something she had no recollection of writing! 

My opportunity to grow and mature in a safe, loving environment was taken from me.  Being taken from in this way does not “reduce” me – my worth.  This is inside-out understanding. 

I was “taken from” on the outside – my experience was “taken from.”  I was not taken from on the inside – my spirit is fully intact. 

I, my spirit, cannot truly be “taken from” in this way.  It’s like thinking the sky has been taken away because the clouds are present.  The sky is still in place.  These experiences and what I came to believe about myself “cloud” my view of what truly is.  They obscure my view of who I really am. 

I want to give to others all the time because I feel like I am lacking.  It is my attempt to “fill” myself – fill in what was taken.  “Filling” is not needed.  My spirit is fully intact.  Clearing is needed.  Clear the clouds.  Clear the misperceptions of myself.  My spirit is fully intact!  I don’t have to be afraid to see who I really am.  I am fine.  I am totally… absolutely…fine.  I don’t need to keep myself, from myself, anymore. 

Katelyn wasn’t sure if she was more stunned or relieved by what she read.  Smiling, she knew, perhaps for the first time, that everything was going to be okay. 


Katelyn realized in her journal writing that she had believed things about herself that weren’t true.  Not being in full connection with herself made it hard for her to know these previous beliefs were inaccurate. 


Relationship is all about connection. Not random connection, and not this-life-only connection.

Ever wonder what relationships are really about?

Do we incarnate in these bodies and randomly run in to people, some of whom we like and some of whom we don’t?


Quite the opposite. Perhaps you’ve had the experience of meeting someone who immediately seemed familiar to you? This is not someone you’ve met for the first time. And it may not be someone with whom you’ve had a past life.

Most of our existence is in the spiritual realm - Home as we call it. We have physical lives at particular points in this existence, often incarnating with some of our loved ones from that large spiritual Home. We embark on these Earth journeys together for the pleasure of it, and so that we can help each other in our learning and growth.

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Grandmother Jean 

Phillip and his grandmother, Jean, had always been close.  They used to go out on junkets together, exploring nearby shops and discovering artist treasures.  They had a great love for one another that only seemed to grow with time.  It was particularly hard for Phillip when, in her mid 80’s, Jean passed on.

After this particularly tough year, and just shy of the first anniversary of Grandmother Jean’s passing, Phillip found himself standing face-to-face with a hypnotist who was offering to guide him through a past life regression. 

Phillip had never done such a thing.  But he was curious.  And he trusted the hypnotist.  So off they went.  The hypnotic suggestion that Phillip regress to “a past life that would be most helpful in this life” took Phillip to a past life with his grandmother, Jean.  In the past life, they were siblings, and Jean looked quite different than she did in this present life, but there was no doubting who she was. 

Phillip could see even beyond this past life to their close bond.  Their work together in the spiritual realm.  The physical lives they had experienced together.  The fullness of it all.  In relief and gratitude, he began to cry.


It doesn’t matter what form (body) that loved one from home incarnates in, physical incarnation after physical incarnation, you will recognize them, because you recognize the essence of them, their spirit.

Tell me…

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?     Mary Oliver

Wild Occuring, growing, or living in a natural state; not domesticated, cultivated, or tamed

Precious Of high cost or worth; valuable