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Your Spiritual Home Field Advantage:
A Book About Intimate Relationships

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Your Spiritual Home Field Advantage:Intimate Relationships can be a struggle…
Hard to figure out…

  • Is your relationship right for you?
  • Why do some people find their perfect mates and others do not?
  • Can you “re-fresh” a relationship that’s gone stale? What is a fresh, healthy relationship like?
  • Does everyone have a one-and-only true love?
  • Is love at first sight possible?
  • Do you feel alone in your relationship, but aren’t sure what to do about it?
  • How can you feel so strongly about someone but that person not feel the same about you?
  • What does your relationship say about you?

In Your Spiritual Home Field Advantage: A Book About Intimate Relationships, Dr. Brabo explores these perplexing questions and offers a model for understanding and thriving in the crazy world of love.

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Book Excerpt

Relationship is all about connection.

Not random connection, and not “this-life-only” connection.

This is because most of your existence is not in physical body — it is in spirit. And whether in physical form or nonphysical form (spirit), you have relationships — you have connections. You have loved ones at “Home” in the spiritual realm — on “the other side.”
And since you spend most of eternity with this large group of loved ones at “Home,” the basis of your connection is not body to body; it’s soul to soul, or, as some might say, spirit to spirit.

Perhaps you’ve had the experience of meeting someone who immediately seemed familiar to you, someone you inherently trusted and felt comfortable with? This is not someone you’ve just met for the first time.

And it may or may not be a person with whom you’ve had a past life. This is someone you know from Home in the spiritual realm. The packaging, or body, of that spirit isn’t important — you recognize them because the true essence of an individual is not their body, it’s their spirit.

Grandmother Jean

Phillip and his grandmother, Jean, had always been close. They used to go out on junkets together, exploring nearby shops and discovering artist treasures. They had a great love for one another that only seemed to grow with time. It was particularly hard for Phillip when, in her mid-80s, Jean passed on.

After this particularly tough year, and just shy of the first anniversary of Grandmother Jean’s passing, Phillip found himself standing face-to-face with a hypnotist who was offering to guide him through a past life regression

Phillip had never done such a thing. But he was curious. And he trusted the hypnotist. So off they went. The hypnotic suggestion that Phillip regress to “a past life that would be most helpful in this life” took Phillip to a past life with his grandmother, Jean. In the past life, they were siblings, and Jean looked quite different than she did in this present life, but there was no doubting who she was.

Phillip could see even beyond this past life to their close bond. Their work together in the spiritual realm. The physical lives they had experienced together. The fullness of it all. In relief and gratitude, he began to cry.

It doesn’t matter what form (body) that loved one from home incarnates in; through physical incarnation after physical incarnation, you will recognize them, because you recognize the essence of them — their spirit.

Likewise, it doesn’t matter what form the relationship takes, because relationship — and the focus of this book, intimate relationship — is not about form, it’s about love and connection. Love between mutually consenting adults. Love between souls and spirits.

Does it matter if the relationship is between people of different religions, races, or cultures? Does it matter if the relationship is between a straight couple or a gay couple? Not at all. What matters is that they love each other. Relationship is not about form, it’s about love and connection.

Why do you incarnate with loved ones from Home? For the pleasure of it, and so that you can help each other.

This doesn’t mean it’s always smooth and easy. Sometimes you get caught up in old issues, and other times you experience rockiness so that you can continue to make strides in your personal development — your “self-actualization.”

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