Dr. Debi Yohn, a Certified Hypnotherapist is an intuitive counseling psychologist. In addition, she applies her expertise to aura analysis.

Dr. Lisa Brabo
, also a Certified Hypnotherapist is described as an oracle. She communicates directly with your spirit guides and teachers on your behalf.

Together, they provide the information and tools you need to move forward, as well as teach you how to access and utilize these tools yourself. ize these tools yourself.

Light of Change
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Communicate with your angels, spirit guides, and loved ones who have passed on... learn about your life and your journey...find relief...be happier!


sense of reality forever.”

See the full story below.


Angel Light is a communication tool that helps you connect spiritually.  You can gain a better understanding of your life and your journey through the profound information provided.


Many have found relief in the information they’ve received.  Others have described heartfelt joy.  And still others have experienced a strengthening of their intuitive senses through the use of Angel Light.


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Born Skeptic Sold on Angel Board
Vivian Hao (California)

As a born skeptic, I was not too optimistic when I was first introduced to the Angel Board by a friend. After a couple of false starts, we managed to connect with my spirit guides, and they proceeded to answer my questions in a way that I could never have predicted. They showed they knew me better than I knew myself! Since that first time, I have used the Angel Light Board quite a few times both with another person and solo. It never fails to amaze me how this tool can facilitate communication with our spirit guides-- I know I have gained new insights that I would likely not have realized on my own.


The Angel Board is a great tool for anyone who wants to get in closer touch with their spiritual side and better understand what the Universe has in store for them. It's fun, it's exciting, and it's a gift I am happy to give to myself and my loved ones.

Surprisingly Accurate...an easy tool to connect with your Angels
Mary Rezek (China)

Having used tarot cards to tap intuitively to my personal path, the Angel Light Communication Board surprised me with just how easy and accurate it is with its messages. I was shocked as well a joyful when communicating with one of my angels when they spelled out my childhood nickname on the Angel Light Communication Board. This nickname was given to me by my father who passed 15 years ago and is not known to my circle of friends in Shanghai where I live. There is no possible way for this information to have been known to my friend who was working with me on the Angel Light Board. This proved to me that the connection with my angels through the board as a communication vehicle REALLY works!


Though I found it works best with 2 people when learning how to use the Angel Light Communication Board, I am now able to facilitate communication solo.


I am very satisfied and have recommended it to friends. I highly endorse this product. You will not be disappointed!

An Angel Light Session With Louise’s Son

The mother of a childhood friend, Louise, passed away.  Francesca was contacted by the family and was able to go to her funeral.  She had not seen the family since their high school days.


Francesca was one year into the grief from the passing of her husband, Dave.  She found she was able to help Louise’s son as he worked through his grief process.


An evening sometime later, Francesca brought out the angel board and the two, Francesca and Louise’s son, joined hands.  They invited positive communication with their guides, angels and loved ones.


Question: “Is there someone who wants to communicate with us tonight?”

Answer: “Yes.”


As they started, the center piece moved around exploring the board.  It went over the entire board, the letters, the numbers and the punctuation.


Question: “Can you let us know who you are?”

Answer: “Louise.”


Louise was quite methodical.  The center piece moved slowly.  Her spelling was perfect.


Question: “Are any other spirits there with you?”

Answer: “Dave.”


Question: “How are you?”

Answer: “So beautiful.” Safe Haven.”


Question: “Is Francesca connected with your son from previous lives?”

Answer: “8.”


Question: “Is there a connection between your son and Francesca’s son, Dave?”

Answer: “Yes.”


Question: “What was their relationship?”

Answer: “Father.”


Question: “Who was the son?”

Answer: “Dave.”


Question: “Is Dave connected to Francesca in a previous life?”

Answer: “Son.”


In a subsequent communication session, it was learned that in the previous life, Dave was the child of Francesca and Louise’s son.


Question: “What would you like to tell your son?”

Answer: “Do not do business with Mike.”


At the time, Mike was a person of questionable character.


Question: “What kind of cigarettes did you smoke?”

Answer: “Lark.”


Some people ask a question like this to validate who they are communicating with. 


Question: “How did you like your funeral?”

Answer: “Loved it.”


When this session concluded, Louise’s son looked across the table at Francesca and said, “You have changed my sense of reality forever.”


Regular price is $40.00.  Introductory price for a limited time only is 25% off - $29.95

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